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Much has been written about Britain's Military role in the Second World War. From the Outbreak of hostilities in 1939 to peace in 1945, accounts of Britain's early struggle through to her eventual victory are well documented.

But what of those left behind? Those civilians of the home front left to face their own hardships and the ever changing times. How did they cope with the restrictions of rationing? How did they come to terms with the frightening reality of air raid bombings? How did British women overcome male disdain and evolve from their recognised role of home makers to that of the working women of the 'Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WVS)', munitions factories, the 'Women's Land Army (WLA)' and the such like?

The 'Home Sweet Home Front' website has been designed to go some way to give insight into what it was really like for those heroes and heroines of the British home front during World War Two - click and enjoy!

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Children were encouraged to help in the collection of scrap metal so that more aeroplanes could be built to fight the Germans. A famous rhyme could often be heard:

'My saucepans have all been surrendered,

The teapot is gone from the hob,

The colander's leaving the cabbage,

For a very much different job.

So now, when I hear on the wireless

Of Hurricanes showing their mettle,

I see, in a vision before me,

A Dornier chased by my kettle.'

An Image of Children Promoting the Collection of Scrap Metal

Home Sweet Home Front Timeline

An Image of a Poster Reminding Pedestrians to Look out in the Blackout

At home - London, 2nd January 1940

Blackout Blindness? Try cod liver oil!

Britons are being advised that they will see a whole lot better if they ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of Vitamin 'A' in their diets.

Recent experiments have proved that Vitamin 'A' will improve the ability of the eyes to adjust quickly in going from light to dark - as happens when going outdoors into the blackout.

Cod Liver Oil is recommended!

An Image of Colditz

Abroad - Geneva, 15th January 1941

British POWs walk free from Colditz

Two Allied officers, a Briton and Dutchman, have arrived safely in Switzerland after escaping from Colditz Castle and walking all the way to the border posing as Dutch labourers.

The men simply strolled out of Colditz Castle dressed in Wehrmacht Officers' uniforms and boldly fobbing off a suspicious sentry by demanding a salute!