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Much has been written about Britain's Military role in the Second World War. From the Outbreak of hostilities in 1939 to peace in 1945, accounts of Britain's early struggle through to her eventual victory are well documented.

But what of those left behind? Those civilians of the home front left to face their own hardships and the ever changing times. How did they cope with the restrictions of rationing? How did they come to terms with the frightening reality of air raid bombings? How did British women overcome male disdain and evolve from their recognised role of home makers to that of the working women of the 'Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WVS)', munitions factories, the 'Women's Land Army (WLA)' and the such like?

The 'Home Sweet Home Front' website has been designed to go some way to give insight into what it was really like for those heroes and heroines of the British home front during World War Two - click and enjoy!

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Although many children were initially evacuated in September 1939 when Britain entered the war, many were to return when no bombs fell on London or elsewhere as expected. People quickly returned to their normal routines and daily life during this 'Phoney War'. Sadly by the summer of 1940 this was to change as Britain experienced horrific blitzes on some of her major cities.

This interesting picture here shows children sheltering in a linen cupboard during an air raid. This must have seemed like fun for the children but masked the cruel realism of war.

An Image of Children Sheltering in a Linen Cupboard During an Air Raid

© Photo from 'The War Years' written by Janice Anderson (ISBN 978-0-7088-0743-9)

Home Sweet Home Front Timeline

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At home - London, 3rd March 1943

Tube Disaster in London - 178 tragically killed yet no air raid

It would appear that a single woman, carrying a baby, accidentally tripped causing a man behind her to fall and subsequently causing many more to fall in Bethnal Green Tube Station, London today. As a result an estimated 178 people were crushed/suffocated and a further 62 badly injured. The woman lived but sadly her baby died.

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Abroad - Germany, 19th March 1945

Hitler orders a 'scorched earth' policy

Hitler today ordered a 'scorched earth' policy. 'If war is lost the nation will perish' he warned. Military installations, rail and other transport links are to be destroyed.

In truth much was already in ruins – The advancing Red Army controlling much of the railway system and using the tracks for their own transportation.