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Much has been written about Britain's Military role in the Second World War. From the Outbreak of hostilities in 1939 to peace in 1945, accounts of Britain's early struggle through to her eventual victory are well documented.

But what of those left behind? Those civilians of the home front left to face their own hardships and the ever changing times. How did they cope with the restrictions of rationing? How did they come to terms with the frightening reality of air raid bombings? How did British women overcome male disdain and evolve from their recognised role of home makers to that of the working women of the 'Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WVS)', munitions factories, the 'Women's Land Army (WLA)' and the such like?

The 'Home Sweet Home Front' website has been designed to go some way to give insight into what it was really like for those heroes and heroines of the British home front during World War Two - click and enjoy!

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“Coughs and sneezes spread diseases" was a slogan first used during the 1918–20 influenza pandemic but later adopted in the Second World War by Ministries of Health to encourage good public hygiene to halt the spread of the common cold, influenza and other respiratory illnesses.


The image displayed is by H M Bateman, a British humorous artist and cartoonist

Home Sweet Home Front Timeline

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At home - Britain, 14th May 1942

Bare Legs only please ladies!

It has been requested from the board of trade that ladies should forego their stockings this summer in a bid to have enough stockings for the winter months.

Some women are opting for the "liquid stocking" as an alternative. They colour their legs with anything from suntan lotion to onion skins and then use a eyebrow pencil to draw a seam down the back of their legs.

A Poster of Winston Churchill with an 'Invasion Signal'

At home - London, 15th May 1944

Overlord receives VIP approval

An audience including King George, Churchill and Field Marshal Smuts were given a secret presentation by General Montgomery showing a huge map of Normandy and preparations for Operation Overlord to begin.

A massive bombardment of 72 selected targets had already begun to knock out German communications and had gone ahead with some criticism. Churchill had already told Eisenhower of his concerns at the scores of innocent civilians that would lose their lives. However, D-Day plans were now well in place.